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Sompura Harilal Narbheram

WELCOME to H N Sompura...

We are most reputed, most experienced, one of the oldest and leading architect in the field of temple architecture.

We are providing best solutions for planning/designing of new temples and restoration of old ones considering the requirements, existing/actual circumstances and constraints following the rules of ancient shilpshastra.

Sompura Harilal Narbheram needs no introduction, large number of famous and renowned monuments spread all over the country are evidence of his exceptional, innovative and creative abilities. His name and ‘temple’ are synonymous. Most of the temples made/constructed during his era were accomplished under his planning and supervision. some of the prominent among those are:

- Shri Simandhar swami jain tirth – Mehsana and Bhilad
- Shri 108 Samawasaran jain tirth – Palitana
- Shri Ghantakarna Vir Jain Tirth – Mahudi
- Shri Pavapuri Jain Tirth, Sirohi – Rajasthan
- Shri Kalikund jain tirth – Dholka
- Shri Jal Mandir Pavapuri – Idar
- Shri Bherutarak Dham – Anadara, Rajasthan
- Shri Godijimaharaj jain temple – paidhuni, Mumbai
- Shri Vardhaman Tatvaghyan Jain Tirth – Vanki
- Shri Mahaveer Jain Aradhana Kendra, Koba
- Shri Dosaji Abhechand ni Pedhi – Bhavnagar
- Shri Shreepalnagar Jain Derasar – Mumbai
- Shri Chandanbala Jain Derasar – Mumbai
- Shri Aagam mandir Jain Derasar – Shankheshwar
- Shri Gandhinagar Jain Derasar – Bangalore
- Shri Biladiyaji Jain Tirth – Biladiyaji
- Shri Vijapur Tirth – Vijapur
- Shri Kirtidham Jain Tirth – Piparla
- Shri Katraj Jain Tirth – Pune
- Shri Shri Radha Krishna Temple – ISKCON – Ahmedabad
- Shri Muktajeevan Swami Smruti Mandir, Ghodasar – Ahmedabad
- Shri Ambavadi Jain Derasar, Nehrunagar – Ahmedabad

We were appointed for assessment and rerstoration advice for damage caused by 2001 earthhquake in kutchh by shree kutchhi visa oswal jain samaj, Mumbai. We provided guidance for restoration of very large number of temples, after thorough assessment of damage caused by 2001 earthquake in kutchh.

At present, Manharbhai, Jayendrabhai and Tusharbhai, who are highly educated and committed to their work, are working for his father’s (Sompura Harilal Narbheram) name and fame, according to his principles and work culture.

Some of the prominent current projects are:

- Shri Jiravla Jain Tirth, Rajasthan
- Shri Vijaypataka Jain Tirth – Mandar
- Shri Baran Jain Tirth – Rajasthan
- Shri Reva Jain Sangh – Vasna
- Ramji mandir, Katau Dham
- Shri Lodha Dham – Vasai, Mumbai
- Shri Meldi Mataji Mandir – Nandasan
- Shri Chikmangalur Jain Derasar – Karanataka
- Shri Nemishwar Ambaji Padmavati Dham – Hyderabad
- Shri Bhayandar Jain Derasar – Mumbai

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